British Puppeteers In Coup Against Trump Exposed # Part Series

British Puppeteers In Coup Against Trump Exposed

Understanding the ferocity of the attacks on Donald Trump and our Constitution may seem to be a head scratcher. Is it really just due to Barack Obama and Hillary partisans at the top levels of the Justice Department, conspiring with a bunch of know-nothing, hot-headed, politically correct millennials and sour Deep State apparatchiks in the news media—the meme favored by Fox News? If so, why isn’t the President being more effectively defended? Is the Deep State simply the permanent American administrative bureaucracy which lives on, relentlessly, like a slime mold, in the swamps of Washington, D.C., regardless of who the voters elect? Or, has the whole of Washington, D.C., along with most of New York City, Massachusetts, and California, simply gone stark raving mad through an invasion of alien space creatures eating away at their brains? By space bugs which have been “weaponized,” no doubt, by Vladimir Putin, who, if you read the media, weaponizes everything in some secret Siberian laboratory, including, drumroll please, “jokes.”

Fortunately, two recent excretions from the British Isles, one of them stolen, the other, self-revealing, allow us to sketch something nearer to the real picture. On November 23, 2018, someone started publishing purloined documents from the British military’s Integrity Initiative, an international network of politicians, journalists, academics, foundations, and military officers engaged in a very dirty black propaganda campaign funded by the British Foreign and Commonwealth Office, NATO, Facebook, and such intelligence quangos as the Smith Richardson Foundation here in the United States, all while posing as a Scottish charity. Then, on December 18, the House of Lords released a report on the imperatives of current British policy, imperatives for which the Integrity Initiative’s information warriors and a host of similar outfits, have been tasked to engineer popular support.

The Integrity Initiative claims it focuses on Russian hybrid disinformation warfare, a form of irregular warfare they claim Russia is conducting. Its own purloined internal papers, however, expose the Initiative, rather than Putin, as the master propagandists, targeting and smearing those considered “subversives,” like British Labor Party leader Jeremy Corbyn, U.S. Senator Bernie Sanders, other anti-war figures, and Donald Trump.

The liberated documents show that Sir Andrew Wood and Pablo Miller, Sergei Skripal’s MI6 handler, who are both players in Christopher Steele’s Orbis Business Intelligence, also have significant relationships to the Initiative. Skripal and his daughter were poisoned in Salisbury, England, in one of 2018’s more infamous intelligence hoaxes targeting Russia. Steele, of course, wrote the very dirty and obviously fake dossier on Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin which has sustained the Russiagate scandal for almost two years in the United States, throwing this country into a McCarthyite hysteria in which former defenders of the Constitution now demonstrate on behalf of the FBI and CIA and demand that a Special Prosecutor become, effectively, a fourth branch of our government.

This Report has three parts. First, we examine what the House of Lords declared as the imperatives of present British strategic policy. We then examine the Integrity Initiative’s propaganda operations in support of these imperatives and their genesis in the renewed British regime change and war drive against Russia which followed the 2014 Ukraine coup. We then put the manufactured Russiagate hoax in the United States, in the appropriate strategic context, demonstrating how a completely obvious intelligence fraud, the dirty dossier about Trump attributed to MI6 agent Christopher Steele, could dominate political discussion in the United States for more than two years, creating popular insanity about Russia and China and paralyzing our government.

Hopefully, you will conclude after reading this Report, that this is the year in which we can and must end the decadent, desperate, and failing Anglo-Dutch Liberal Empire. Lyndon LaRouche specifies that there are four countries which have the combined economic, scientific, and cultural potential to do this, even in the face of the systemic financial collapse of the huge bubble the City of London and Wall Street have now built anew. These nations are the United States, Russia, China, and India. If these Four Powers come together to create a new fixed exchange rate monetary system and devote their credit and the energies of their populations to full-scale development of the world, to fundamental breakthroughs in science, and to the great human adventure of space exploration and habitation, then they can create a new Renaissance. The Lords fully understand this challenge. In their report, they target exactly these four nations as their primary foreign policy concern. With respect to Russia, they plan to continue their policies for containment, economic isolation, and political destabilization. They have plans for intellectually corrupting India and China, integrating these nations more fully into their globalist institutions and schemes. In the United States, they have one immediate goal: ending the “disruption” caused by Donald Trump by removing him, one way or the other.

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