The Miracle Of The Trump-Kim Singapore Summit

By June 26, 2018Current Affairs

The Miracle Of  The Trump-Kim Singapore Summit

By Mike Billiongton

[FF Editorial: Many  political leaders and commentators not having a bleeding clue spewed nonsense prior to the historic Summit in Singapore demonising President Trump as if he did not know what he was doing. This is pure arrogance. Yet, these leaders and commentators would not hesitate to do anything to get to the White House to have a photoshoot with the President of the day, even paying the lobbies for the privilege to be invited to the White House. This is most common among the arseholes Muslim leaders and commentators who on the one hand condemn US policies, but once invited to the White Houswe grovel and prostrate so that when they return to their country, they can have the bragging rights that they have been accepted and endorsed by the President of the day, in the present circumstances, President Trump. Mark down the date and time of this Editorial for future reference.

Read the PDF article below and ask yourself whether the writer, Mike Billington and our commentaries reflect the reality of what has been achieved as unprecedented and historic or a fool’s errant by President trump?]

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