CIA “John Brennan Did More Than Anyone to Promulgate The Dirty Dossier… He Politicized And Effectively Weaponized What Was False Intelligence Against Trump.”

CIA “John Brennan Did More Than Anyone to Promulgate the Dirty Dossier… He Politicized and Effectively Weaponized What was False Intelligence Against Trump.”

The Bertrand Report The War For Our Mind & Soul Continues

 By Capt. Dave Bertrand, Ret.

Former CIA Director John Brennan is showing his face more and more these days as Nunes begins an extensive investigation targeting Brennan as the initial purveyor of the fake Russian Dossier, paid for by Hillary Clinton and Podesta.

Brennan, the converted Muslim with ties to the Saudi Intelligence Service and a proven Communist by his own political preferences, is running scared as the light is now hanging over his head like a rat caught with it’s pants down. His history of anti-American policies are now being exposed and Trump has his number….

“The aide, who spoke only on condition of anonymity, said Nunes will focus on Brennan as well as President Obama’s first CIA director, Leon Panetta, along with the former president’s intelligence czar, James Clapper, and national security adviser, Susan Rice, and security adviser-turned U.N. ambassador Samantha Power, among other intelligence officials.”

“John Brennan did more than anyone to promulgate the dirty dossier,” the investigator said. “He politicized and effectively weaponized what was false intelligence against Trump.”

In his attempt to gain some level of credibility by tying Trump with Putin, his latest circuit talking point that “Trump should not have congratulated Putin,” is a laughing joke since his former boss, Obama, did exactly the same thing when Putin won his last election. Brennan is exposing himself…making Hillary to look like an angel, the gauntlet is being greased and Brenan’s head is being measured.


JOHN BRENNAN IS THE HOAXMASTER GENERALDid he CIA play a part in the Russian Hoax?

By Roger Stone

“DOJ statement and indictments reveal the extent and motivations of Russian interference in 2016 election. Claims of a “hoax” in tatters. My take: Implausible that Russian actions did not influence the views and votes of at least some Americans.”

– February 16, 2018 Tweet by Embittered Obama Spy Chief John O. Brennan

There can be no doubt that panic is rapidly setting in amongst the principal players of the neo-leftist Obama-Clinton-Democrat crime cabal that has largely been consigned to watching impotently from the sidelines as the central pillar of their plot to frame and take down President Donald J. Trump — the Trump-Russia collusion hoax – has now begun to crash down on top of them.

At the heart of this Obama-Clinton-Democrat FBI-DOJ-CIA-FISA Court cabal is the originator of the Trump-Russia collusion hoax himself, the deepest deep state denizen of the bunch, former CIA Director John O. Brennan.

As our country’s Russian Collusion Hoaxmaster General John Brennan has good reason to be worried.

Best known for indulging Obama’s most evil compulsions as Obama’s 2nd-term CIA chief, Brennan was just freshly-minted as an NBC “News” shill (shocking) under the title “senior national security and intelligence analyst.”

It is obvious to anyone near Brennan that he is now bitter, acrimonious, hellbent on malicious retribution and likely the Obama-Clinton coup plotter with the most to fear should President Trump, and a newly-inspired, freshly-fumigated DOJ actually perform its constitutional duty and prosecute these manipulative Obama-Clinton gangsters.

Thanks to the unflappable courage of the House Intelligence Committee Chairman and astute, stalwart truth-seeker Devin Nunes, John Brennan’s legal jeopardy is real and the most immediate of all the Obama-Clinton sedition mechanics.

Investigative journalist Paul Sperry broke the news last week that Nunes is initiating an investigation into Brennan’s central and leading role in promoting and leaking the “dirty dossier” in a manic effort to smear Donald Trump with any and every means at Brennan’s disposal. (Just consider the import of this proposition, given that Brennan was the DIRECTOR OF THE CIA!).

It is almost certain that Brennan perjured himself before the House Intelligence Committee in May 2017, at minimum, when he denied knowledge of the origin of the Steele dossier and that it was in any way used in the intelligence community “assessment” that the Russians were attempting to influence the 2016 election, specifically via the Trump Campaign.

Brennan testified that: “the information and intelligence revealed contacts and interactions between Russian officials and US persons involved in the Trump campaign that I was concerned about because of known Russian efforts to suborn such individuals.

It raised questions in my mind about whether the Russians were able to gain the cooperation of such individuals.”

When Rep. Trey Gowdy asked Brennan directly about any evidence that Trump officials colluded with the Kremlin, Brennan said “I don’t know” and “I don’t know whether such collusion existed.”

Yet in the same response, Brennan said that there was a sufficient basis of information and intelligence that required further investigation by the FBI to determine whether or not US persons were actively conspiring or colluding with Russian officials.

Brennan also testified that he had no knowledge of who commissioned the anti-Trump reports, although senior national security and counterintelligence officials at the DOJ knew in 2016 that the Clinton campaign had funded them.

It is extremely unlikely that Brennan somehow didn’t know of Clinton’s role in the fake reports.

It was Brennan, after all, who in April 2016 supplied the reports to Obama and then briefed Hill Democrats on its existence.

If he didn’t know the source of the reports, he’s guilty of gross negligence for not verifying the material.

If he knew the source of the reports he’s guilty of disseminating false information.

Either way, Brennan should be held accountable for his role in attempting to undermine the will of the American voters.

If the Russians had a plan to destabilize and influence our elections then John Brennan was carrying out that plan to the letter.

In recent months there have been startling revelations that leading members of Mueller’s task force investigating Trump were found to have orchestrated a plan to undermine the Trump presidency using the fake dossiers.

It’s certainly not in dispute that the dossiers were funded by Hillary Clinton and the DNC, and were approved of by Obama and some of his top staff.

Evidence from their own texts exposed a conspiracy to destroy Trump’s credibility, hopefully leading to his forced resignation.

Initially, the focus of the current investigation was on Peter Strzok, Lisa Page, and Ben Rhodes.

Thanks to Chairman Nunes, the focus is now going to shift to Obama’s murky national security apparatchiks, with Brennan topping the list of those warranting scrutiny for their outrageous abuses of the massive powers of our national security-intelligence complex.

Truth is that there is much about John Brennan that warrants investigation.

Brennan, who also served as Obama’s Homeland Security Advisor from 2009-2013, before becoming CIA Director, is believed to be a Muslim convert.

Brennan clearly despised Trump for what duplicitous Democrats characterized as the president’s “Muslim ban.”

Former CIA field operations officer Gene Coyle said Brennan was “known as the greatest sycophant in the history of the CIA, and a supporter of Hillary Clinton before the election. I find it hard to put any real credence in anything that the man says.”

In an article for World Net Daily, Joseph Farah enumerates Brennan’s history of dubious or even outright anti-American proclivities:

  • Brennan was not sworn into office on a Bible, as the tradition goes in America, but on an original draft of the Constitution WITHOUT the Bill of Rights. Clearly, this was a purposeful signal that Brennan has no regard for the limits on the powers of the state enshrined in these amendments. [Just this past week, this constitutional quisling called on Congress to ban semi-automatic firearms altogether, a radical infringement on the right to keep and bear arms that even most Democrats do not support.]
  • Brennan’s 1980 graduate thesis at the University of Texas at Austin denied the existence of “absolute human rights”, arguing in favor of censorship by Egypt’s dictatorship. “Since the press can play such an influential role in determining the perceptions of the masses, I am in favor of some degree of government censorship. Inflammatory articles can provoke mass opposition and possible violence, especially in developing political systems.”
  • Brennan hewed to his own thesis when he possessed extraordinary power, as shown in an obscure November 2012 Wikileaks email dump which pointed to Brennan as the official behind a “witch hunt” conducted on journalists who reported unflattering Obama administration leaks.
  • In Brennan’s CIA Director confirmation hearing, he refused to answer direct questions by Sen. Rand Paul about the Obama administration’s use of lethal drone attacks on U.S. citizens in U.S. territory. Brennan coyly responded that the U.S. “has not carried out such attacks” and “has no intentions of doing so.” The Obama administration did, however, conduct such attacks on U.S. citizens abroad.
  • Consistent with Brennan’s sympathies for Islamic terror nations, he warned President-Elect Donald Trump that scrapping the outrageous Obama-Iran nuclear deal would be “the height of folly” and “disastrous.”
  • Brennan went out of his way to attack Donald Trump throughout the 2016 campaign, even saying publicly he would refuse to employ water-boarding in some extreme cases. “I can say that as long as I’m director of CIA, irrespective of what the president says, I’m not going to be the director of CIA that gives that order. They’ll have to find another director,” said the pre-emptively insubordinate Brennan.
  • In 2016, Brennan admitted that in the 1976 presidential election he actually supported the Communist Party presidential candidate – a hard line, unrepentant Stalinist named Gus Hall.
  • Brennan has long been cozy with the Muslim Brotherhood. Despite evidence presented (and later upheld) during the landmark 2008 Holy Land Foundation trial in federal court, which established the Islamic Society of North America as a Muslim Brotherhood organization and financial supporter of the terrorist organization Hamas, Brennan has continued to meet with ISNA officials and participate in ISNA events. Brennan delivered the keynote address to ISNA’s annual conference in 2009.
  • Former top FBI Islam expert John Guandolo says that Brennan converted to Islam years ago in Saudi Arabia, and remains a closeted Muslim who was recruited by the Saudis as part of a counter-intelligence operation.
  • In an August 2009 speech to the Center for Strategic and International Studies which can be found on the archived Obama White House website, Brennan said using the “legitimate term, ‘jihad’ – meaning to purify oneself or to wage a holy struggle for a moral goal” – to describe terrorists “risks reinforcing the idea that the United States is somehow at war with Islam itself.”

With all of this questionable information about Brennan, it is no surprise that he inspired a lack of confidence among key national security hawks in Congress, who began calling for Brennan’s resignation as far back as 2010.

After Brennan addressed a New York University assembly in 2010 and defended freeing U.S.-held terror combatants, saying that it “isn’t that bad” that 20 percent of terrorists released by the U.S. return to terrorist attacks, since the recidivism rate for inmates in the U.S. prison system is higher.”

After this, Senator Lindsey Graham told Fox News that Brennan had “lost my confidence” and called for Brennan’s resignation.

Similarly, John McCain weighed in, saying that “when you impugn people’s patriotism and integrity and make statements that compare people going back into the fight in Afghanistan or Yemen or other places with criminals who go back to a life of crime in the United States, you’ve lost touch with reality.”

New York Congressman Peter King said, “I strongly believe that John Brennan ought to resign immediately or be fired because of his incompetence and inability to do his job…any homeland security adviser who can’t tell the difference between a terrorist and a shoplifter doesn’t belong in office.”

In March 2014 Brennan denied to Associated Press that CIA was involved in hacking U.S. Senate computers.

Barely three months later, Brennan was back, publicly apologizing to the Senate Intelligence Committee leadership for…you guessed it…CIA hacking of Senate computers.

This little outrage clearly demonstrated that Brennan is both a manipulator and a liar, who has absolutely no respect for the notion of oversight by elected representatives, or for the sanctity of our 1st branch of government as representatives of the people.

The origins of the Trump – Russia collusion started when John Brennan used phony and uncorroborated intel provided by Estonian spies to British intelligence assets purporting to show a link between the Kremlin and members of Trump’s campaign.

The BBC’s Paul Wood reported last year that the intelligence agency of an unnamed Baltic State had tipped Brennan off in April 2016 to a conversation that supposedly indicated that the Kremlin was funneling cash into the Trump campaign.

Even Brennan’s equally bald-headed Obama administration soul mate, Director of National Intelligence James Clapper, discounted the report saying “we could not corroborate the sourcing.”  That should have put an end to the whole thing.

Brennan didn’t think so and despite having no corroboration for the Estonian intel he attached the information to an official report to President Obama.

Brennan also included these unverified allegations in a briefing he gave to Hill Democrats known as the “Gang of Eight,” practically guaranteeing that it would be leaked.

Of course, it was.

Brennan also showed incredible disrespect for DonaldTrump during the first weeks of Trump’s presidency.

The Washington Times reported that “[m]embers of President Trump’s inner circle charged Sunday that former CIA director John O. Brennan is trying to undermine the relationship between the new administration and the intelligence community on his way out the door.”

When President Trump officially visited the CIA headquarters for the first time to support and bridge any gap with the intelligence community, Trump blamed it on “dishonest” media reporting.

Brennan used the opportunity to take a swipe at Trump.

“Former CIA director Brennan is deeply saddened and angered at Donald Trump’s despicable display of self-aggrandizement in front of the CIA’s Memorial Wall of Agency heroes,” said Brennan’s former deputy chief of staff, Nick Shapiro.

President Trump tweeted an immediate rebuttal: “Brennan says that Trump should be ashamed of himself…Is this the leaker of Fake News?”

Then-White House Chief of Staff Reince Priebus added, “I think that Brennan has a lot of things that he should answer for with regard to these leaked documents…I think perhaps he’s bitter.”

There can be no doubt that John Brennan is, at minimum, a very shady and malevolent character.

But, even worse, as recent revelations are beginning to prove, Brennan is a criminally-manipulative partisan sycophant who abused nearly every power of his position as director of perhaps the most powerful, and historically-lawless, agencies of the federal government in service to a seditious conspiracy intent on illicitly-securing the election of his preferred candidate for President of the United States by fraudulently-framing her opponent with perhaps the most grave offenses that can possibly be levied against any person seeking public office at any level in this country.

When Brennan’s and his co-conspirators’ plot to smear and defeat his political matron’s opponent failed spectacularly in the greatest upset in American political history, a now-embittered and politically-unrestrained, if not unhinged, Brennan maliciously set about poisoning the well and salting the fields to undermine the incoming president and his administration.

Brennan did this by systematically and purposefully disseminating the defamatory contents of the sleazy, Clinton-purchased “dirty dossier” to official Washington and numerous sympathetic media mouthpieces during the transition period and beyond, ensuring their continued proliferation, compounding the damage Brennan hoped and expected would result from his calculated treachery.

Brennan was even so brazen as to attach the dossier’s contents to an official daily intelligence briefing provided to the outgoing president just weeks before the inauguration of the president-elect.

He also persisted in pressing Congressional leaders to launch expansive, disruptive investigations targeting the president and his team.

Being highly-practiced in the art of diabolical backstabbing, Brennan knew full well that the murky, outlandish nature and wide-ranging subject matter of the fake dossier’s contents would only serve to complicate, prolong and ultimately thwart the orderly expeditious resolution of any good faith investigative effort undertaken by any official body, especially those impacted by the cumbersome demands of dealing with classified materials. (See e.g. the “FISA memo” saga.)

That his deceitful, underhanded scheme would falsely divert public resources and distract official efforts and public attention, costing hundreds of thousands of lost manhours and tens of millions of dollars, fruitlessly chasing down a sordid fraud, is not just of no consequence to Brennan, it is what he intended.

To this day, the dossier’s contents remain almost entirely-unverified for the simple reason that falsehoods and fabrications are incapable of ever being verified, at least by any standard that would be the minimum applied by any law enforcement or intelligence agency, or at least one not tainted by the criminal corruption of a lawless agency head.

Perhaps the most vile aspect of Brennan’s ruthless political jihad against our democracy, seeking to undermine a quadrennial national election by which we choose our president, lies in his motives.

Brennan did not run around splattering our national political life with gutter-grade filth and Clinton-grade lies in service to some higher purpose or noble patriotic impulse. Not in the slightest.

Just like his petty, vain, manipulative Obama administration crony, the worse-than-a-woman-scorned James Comey, this degenerate megalomaniac Brennan did it all, first out of borderline-psychotic desperation to preserve his power and position atop America’s near-omnipotent intelligence infrastructure.

Brennan fully-expected, and was valid in his expectation, that Hillary Clinton would have retained him as CIA Director, had she been elected president.

Having failed to achieve this first and only motivation for his miserable existence, Brennan then persisted, in the second place, out of seething, now-undeniably-psychotic bitterness over his now-ended career, matched only by his almost-satanic lust to wreak destructive vengeance on the man, and the movement, that denied him the power he has so unequivocally and despicably demonstrated that he believes to be his divine right.

John Brennan is an evil, repugnant criminal on par with our nation’s most righteously-reviled villains and monsters.

If there is any justice in this land, John Brennan will spend the rest of his grotesque blighted existence locked in a windowless concrete cage somewhere halfway to the center of the earth.