Afro American Leader – Jesse Jackson Praises And Thanks Donald Trump For A lifetime Of Service To African Americans

Incredible how US MSM demonises Trump. Democrat Senator have openly and publicly confessed a few hours ago that HE LIED about trump using the word “shithole” allegedly referring to African countires. His intentions for making the false accusation against trump was to blackmail and force Trump not to abolish DACA – an immigration policy initiated by Obama, giving rise to the present horrendous problems of illegal immigrants in the USA.  Malaysia has the same problems. The video below is further evidence of the lies about Trump being a racist.  Malaysians better learn fast how no to believe the Obama/Clinton/Soros controlled MSM and start praying to God that Trump will help Malaysia in exposing the crimes of the Najib regime expecially the 1MDB financial rape and the Kleptocracy that has scourged our country.