Special Counsel On Russia Should Be Shut Down Based On Comey’s ‘Deliberate Manipulation’

By June 11, 2017Current Affairs

Newt: Special Counsel On Russia Should Be Shut Down Based On Comey’s ‘Deliberate Manipulation’

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Former Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich had some harsh words for former FBI Director James Comey, and called for the dissolution of the special counsel on the Russia investigation on the grounds that it was based on Comey’s ‘manipulation’ – calling it ‘poisoned fruit.’

The idea that the Federal Bureau of Investigation – [the] top person, man who’s in charge of criminal investigation for the entire federal govt. That he would go outside the system deliberately manipulate the system, and that’s what he’s done.

And I think what that brings into question is whether or not the congress should shut down the independent counsel because it is poisoned fruit.

Gingrich paints Comey as a bitter man out for revenge

The independent counsel, by Comey’s own testimony yesterday, was created because of his manipulation, because of his leak, because of his deliberate intent to force it to happen.

Now since we now know that he’s a very bitter person, and we know how deeply he disliked Trump, doesn’t that sound more like this is not about law and order? This is not about justice? This is not even about investigating potential crimes. This is a bitter man trying to get even by trying to cause as much pain for the President as he can.

Trump Exonerated – even Chris Matthews agrees

Comey’s testimony ironically completely exonerated President Trump on the Russian question. When you have people who are clearly the President’s opponents come out and say flatly – Chris Matthews – hardly a supporter of Donald Trump, came out yesterday and said “you know, after this testimony no reasonable person can believe that Donald Trump had anything to do with the Russians.

That’s a pretty big breakthrough in Trump’s favour.