Pause And Think Before Condemning Immigration Ban Or Vetting By Any Country

By February 5, 2017Current Affairs

Pause And Think Before Condemning Immigration Ban Or Vetting By Any Country

Extracted from Zero Hedge

[FF Editorial: Watch the graphic video of “Child Killers” trained by ISIS. There is no doubt of the extreme anger by the Muslims massacred by US, UK, NATO, Israel, Saudi Arabia, Qatar and Turkey armies who backed the regime change agenda of Obama and Killary Clinton in Syria. This is the backlash! However, it was the Muslims killing Muslims because US and European soldiers cannot stomach such sordid warfare and the War Party headed by John Mccain and Lindsey Graham feared  triggering an anti-war movement reminiscent of the anti-Vietnam war.

But, is this the correct way to wage a war against the barbarity of the war criminals? In our Editor’s 40 years of anti-war activism, especially when he was in Palestine, he never hesitated to remind all oppressed people to learn from one country and one country only – Vietnam and her heroic people’s struggle to defeat the mightiest Imperial military in history, the USD military. The Vietnamese Resistance did not resort to terrorist activities in the USA, Europe or anywhere. The great Resistance won their war of liberation against the entire might of the US war machine, supported by soldiers from Africa and Asia. The global war party unleashed a merciless war using torture, chemical weapons (Agent Orange), banned weapons and carpet bombings. But, the great Vietnamese Resistance won by a just and heroic defence and won the hearts of American youths to rebel against the establishment. The rest, as they say is history.

It is unfortunate, that the Muslims in the Middle East chose a wrong path of resistance and were betrayed by the own Muslim leaders, principally the absolute monarchs who colluded and conspired with US and Israel so as to survive and continue their despotic rule.

The video below show the ugly side of the present wars in the Middle East. How a deviant Islamic army, trained by the CIA and Mossad and funded by the Arab states have resulted in the present horrendous disaster. Unlike Vietnam, the Muslims and the Muslim countries cannot win such a war. Just yourself why??? Learn from Vietnam!]

End of Editorial

The below video is so graphic, I was hesitant to post it.  But Free Market Shooter is not a “safe space,” and if you are looking for one, you’re in the wrong place.  I will however provide one last warning – if you are squeamish, easily disturbed, or just plain scared of the truth, DO NOT WATCH THIS VIDEO, BECAUSE IT IS EXTREMELY GRAPHIC.  A description is provided below, if you cannot watch. 


For those who did not watch, the video showed armed ISIS-trained children clearing a house methodically and professionally, just like a team of commandos, and executing ISIS detainees within the house.  Funker530 originally provided the video, and their commentary is below:

Take a good look at the world today. We have children in the streets of the United States throwing a temper tantrum because they believe that the politicians have failed. Maybe they have. They have failed them by allowing them to believe that they live in a world of sunshine and rainbows.

Politics completely aside, this video is a snap back to reality. This is the real world that we live in today as a species. Grown men are training children, some as young as six, to move through a house in a tactical fashion with live ammunition, having them kill actual living human beings. To put the cherry on the cupcake, they are recording it with some serious production value, and then uploading it to the internet to show the world that their children are ready to die for their cause. I don’t see you marching for women and children’s rights in Syria.

While you whine and complain about social issues that are a moot point in our society, women and children are being raped and murdered around the world by maniacs. Take a look outside of your own safe space, and realize that the world can’t be the Utopian place you want. It isn’t possible, it is never going to happen.

 This is why.

If you think this is all just a big production, you clearly have not watched the video.  Children are actually delivering kill shots on real live people.  This is not The Matrix – this is the real world, and it will never cease to shock and disturb you.

So, think long and hard next time you see that cute refugee kid in the video, and ask yourself – is it possible that this child is actually a trained killer?  Whether its man, woman or child, is there any real way to know if someone coming from a war zone is just an innocent, or a seriously dangerous individual?

[FF Additional Editorial: Should any children be exploited for such purpose, no matter what is the reason. The end can never justify the means. These children deserves better. The world has failed them. The war criminals get away free, no accountability. Why are the Obamas and Clintons not brought before the ICJ? Muslim leaders have failed them!]