Whisper’s 22nd Meditative Insights To The World

Whisper’s 22nd Meditative Insights To The World

Shared by Matthias Chang


This opening paragraph is for the good people who I have placed on my Mailing Lists. To avoid putting them in a state of shock and disbelief, I will make some explanatory statements.

My DUTY is to convey the meditative insights but NEVER to persuade YOU to believe.

It matters not to me whether you believe or accept whatever that have been shared.

Whisper is the name of the Messenger who comes to me every morning between 3 am and 3.12 am to share and teach me. I therefore wake up without fail at 3 am every morning, to receive such blessings, insights and to be protected from Evil.

I count the blessings for the privilege bestowed, even as I am so flawed and undeserving.

Meditation is a discipline practiced for thousands of years. But, 99% of people given the blessings and privilege give up for want of discipline, dedication and more importantly the Faith to continue on the journey!

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