Operation Paperclip – CIA And The Nazis

Operation Paperclip – CIA And The Nazis

By Matthias Chang – Future Fast-Forward


This is my personal effort to share research in Intelligence Issues with my friends in the Malaysian Intelligence Community. To be useful and objective, we have to research from all sources – official and unofficial, and not to accept as gospel truths from a specific source because their professional training and “indoctrination” were by a specific Intel Agency from overseas such as the CIA, FBI, and British Intel Agencies.

For this article, I had obtained data from the Records of the US Secretary of Defense, the Center for Intelligence Studies (particularly the Studies in Intelligence, the journal for American Intelligence Professionals) and other sources which have been disclosed in the End Notes, at the end of my article and the 2nd PDF below.

Cutting To The Chase

Records of the Secretary of Defense (RG 330)

Joint Intelligence Objectives Agency

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