Total Eclipse – Karmic Destruction For Biden & The Democratic Party

Total Eclipse – Karmic Destruction For Biden & The Democratic Party

By Matthias Chang – Future Fast-Forward

My analysis of the eclipse and melt-down of Biden and the Democratic Party is so counter-intuitive that 98% of the global political analysts will disagree with me, even though they agree with reluctance on the political endgame – Trump will win the election by a landslide (if he is not murdered before the elections).

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“The Madman’s Theory”

This political gambit was admitted years later by President Nixon to explain his policies and actions during the Vietnam War.

There will be a confession by Biden and political pundits, years later that the political demise of the Biden Presidency was planned and executed as it was the only strategic “Off Ramp” to own and be responsible for the war disasters, without damaging the image and reputation of the hegemonic Zionist Anglo-American Empire.

The farce of the Presidential Debate and the supposed humiliation of president Biden is the “Off Ramp” .

Never before has a Presidential Debate held so early, in June of the election year.

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