White Dwarf – An Empire, No More

White Dwarf – An Empire, No More

By Paul Edwards – ICH, June, 2024

America does not deserve to be called The Empire any more. It belongs in the junkyard of colossal failures.

Americans grow up—if they do—being told every Presidential election is critical to the survival of democracy, so they must vote as if their future depended on it. This is both completely fatuous and absolutely true, and the fact that they have no future now is, sure enough, the result of those elections and the string of liars, crooks, wankers, chiselers, bullshitters and twits they elected.

This one just ahead, though it will not alter the coming doom of our pampered, dimwitted, clueless electorate, is going to be a grim and gaudy idiot’s delight. You might call it “exceptional”.

You have an addled, unprincipled Bozo in office, a career pimp for Big, Dirty Money, whose son is up on a Federal gun rap who, whoring and coke blitzed, sold the Grifter-in-Chief’s name to Eurotrash hoods for bags of Franklins, running against a sleazy, bloviating, con man, and ham-handed serial abuser convicted for paying hush money to an emeritus porn queen, who belittled his diminutive tool, going head to head for all the marbles.

This, then, is the glorious end result of the Grand Democratic Experiment crafted by our deified forefathers. This is the nunc dimittis for the Land of The Free. And it was long predicted.

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