Whisper’s 21st Meditative Insight To The World

Whisper’s 21st Meditative Insight To The World

Shared by Matthias Chang

We take for granted the act of breathing – because we do so every milli-second and it never occurs to us that if for one moment we cannot breathe, we would die a very painful and ugly death, as when a person is drowning in a swimming pool or in the sea.

So, this insight is to “open” your “drug sedated” mind to appreciate the act of breathing and how to breathe when meditating. We tend to focus on the mind, to be precise, you are taught to “empty” your mind while in mediating.

This is not what I do in my meditation practice as well as in the training of Yan Shou Qong, the Holy Grail of Qi Qong. We focus on the discipline of breathing, as the priority and the transformation of the “mind” will be the outcome and the end result.

This is common sense. Your mind cannot do a damn thing, when you cannot breathe. Period!

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