“Democracy” Is A Scam! What You Really Know Is BS!

“Democracy” Is A Scam! What You Really Know Is BS!

By Matthias Chang – Future Fast-Forward

Screwing Your Grey Cells

This article is written with a deliberate purpose – to provoke and compel YOU to spring clean your brainwashed mind and subsequent to the thorough cleansing, think and re-examine your long held beliefs!

By all means get angry – curse, condemn and give me your best shot! However, and in spite of this provocation, you are not angry, there is a chance that you can be saved from the gullibility that you have been infected with.

The word, democracy in the title is within quotation marks and this technique compels YOU to define for me what little you know about “Democracy”.

And since you did not even notice the quotation marks, and but you go on a rampage to curse and insult me, you are giving the justification to the Elites to hold the view that the 98% of the voters cannot be trusted and must do their biddings. Ouch!

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