How YOU See The World, Is How YOU Have Been Brainwashed.

How YOU See The World, Is How YOU Have Been Brainwashed.

By Matthias Chang – Future Fast-Forward

Since my time in school till now, NO teacher or geography experts could explain in geopolitical terms why the world map was always depicted in the text books as Atlantic Centric” as opposed to Pacific Centric.

 Start from The Beginning

Geopolitics is the study of how a country’s geography (location, terrain, land size, climate, soil and raw materials) affect its foreign, economic, military policy and strategy.

The word “geopolitics” comes from the words “geography” and “politics”.

Now do you understand why Malaysian political leaders are so ignorant and down-right stupid and full of B.S.! Ditto for all the Intellectual Masturbators – the PhDs, MBAs and little Napoleons at all levels!

I am fortunate to have a father, who spent his entire career in the Ministry of Education, was a close adviser and friend to the late Minister and Secretary General of UMNO, Tan Sri Mohamed Khir bin Johari, the late top leaders of MCA during the tenure of the first two prime ministers, and a Visiting Professor (on education) to many leading universities across the world, who taught me why there are huge differences in the perceptions derived from the Atlantic Centric Map and the Pacific Centric Map and Geopolitics.

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