Madman Theory – Biden Is Not Mad

Madman Theory – Biden Is Not Mad

By Matthias Chang – Future Fast-Forward

The entire world has been subjected to an unprecedented and elaborate disinformation and propaganda scam.

Biden has been portrayed as being demented and or suffering from alzheimer’s disease. This is total BS. Biden is very sane and his mental faculties are in full play.

I have been watching this scam for a long time but decided to expose the scam now because I want to ensure that Biden would be prosecuted for his war crimes and not be excused for being medically unfit to stand trial.

And that is why President Putin, in my opinion, is correct in not responding to the extreme provocations to unleash a nuclear war but instead has countered that any wars – nuclear or other-wise  has been or will be started by Biden and the US, UK and NATO military.

How do I know that this is propaganda theatre and a scam???

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