How Will The Empire Collapse?

How Will The Empire Collapse?

By Matthias Chang – Future Fast-Forward

Fundamental Principles

The Empire that I am referring to is the first and only Global  Empire“The Zionist Anglo-America Empire”!

Look at the world map and you will agree. The key word is GLOBAL. All past empires were not “Global” in their reach and control. Period!

There are only two factors that will trigger the collapse of an empire:

  • Money (financial) Power; and

  • Military Power

Military power is the “Bully” power to subjugate and oppress the targeted country or race/ community.

Money power is to ensure “Obedience” and “Control”.

You can argue for all I care, till the cows come home, but if you have “wielded” power and or come into “close contact” with those that wielded power, what I say and reveal is not an issue for argument.

The hidden puppet masters understood the principles and the same was echoed in the words (or phrase) uttered by the Rothchilds. There are so many versions, that I cannot be bothered to quote them.

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