Politicians Have Betrayed And Undermined Our Brave Military

Politicians Have Betrayed And Undermined Our Brave Military

By Matthias Chang – Future Fast-Forward

Wars can never and will never be won by JUST bravery and bravery alone! Period!

No generals and commanders will sent their brave soldiers, merely as cannon fodders to be slaughtered in the battlefields, to satisfy the egos and misconceived political agendas of self-centred politicians in parliaments or the US Congress, who will abandon us and run from the enemies even before a single shot is fired!

No Malaysians can ever question the courage and discipline of our armed forces. No One! Period!


We have brave armed forces, but they have not been adequately trained and adequately equipped to fight any wars in the 21st century.

Our politicians are still listening to the bleeding Western f#@ked up advisers who have not fought a war on such scale and intensity as in Ukraine, and continue day-dreaming that any future wars will be “Bully Wars” where the freaking US, UK and NATO military, will fight armies and countries who are not properly equipped. Even then, the freaking US was defeated in Vietnam, Afghanistan and fought to a standstill in Syria. Period!

These were imperialist wars for the hegemonic agendas of the Empire.

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