Ambassador Alastair Crooke Agrees With Ray McGovern. Why You Should As Well!

Ambassador Alastair Crooke Agrees With Ray McGovern. Why You Should As Well!

Matthias Chang – Future Fast-Forward

The opening paragraphs of Ambassador Alastair Crooke’s brilliant article triggered my memory to what Ray McGovern said in his article, “Russia & China – Two Against One” which I had uploaded to my website.

Ray wrote and I quote:

“Chinese President Xi Jinping’s extremely warm reception of President Vladimir Putin yesterday in Beijing sealed the increasingly formidable Russia-China strategic relationship. It amounts to a tectonic shift in the world balance of power.” 

“The Russia-China entente also sounds the death knell for attempts by U.S. foreign policy neophytes to drive a wedge between the two countries. The triangular relationship has become two-against-one, with serious implications, particularly for the war in Ukraine. If U.S. President Joe Biden’s foreign policy geniuses remain in denial, escalation is almost certain.”

This is what Ambassador Alastair wrote and I quote in extenso:

“The discourse of military escalation is in fashion in Europe, but both in the Middle East and Ukraine, western policy is in deep trouble. The paradox is that Team Biden – wholly inadvertently – is midwifing the birth of a ‘new world’. It is doing so by dint of its crude opposition to parturition. The more the western élites push against the birthing – through ‘saving Zionism’; ‘saving European Ukraine’ and by crushing dissent – perversely they accelerate the foundering of Leviathan.

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