There Is The American Pravda. Will There be A Malaysian Pravda?

There Is The American Pravda. Will There be A Malaysian Pravda?

By Matthias Chang – Future Fast-Forward

Warning To Arsehole Malaysians

Read and understand before jumping to conclusions. The American Pravda is the name of a brilliant website hosted by a Jew, Ron Unz. I am a frequent visitor to the website that carries a wide spectrum of writers, journalists from the “right” to the “Left” and enabled me to have a better world view!

Maybe it is time for a Malaysian Pravda since we are so brainwashed.

Malaysians will scream and members of the National Security Apparatus may well take action and also scream that there are “Communists” in our midst, by virtue of the word “Pravda”.


Pravda is the official organ of the Communist Party of the USSR, and is not to be confused with “Izvestia,” the organ of the Soviet Government. “Pravda” means “truth,” and “Izvestia” means “news.” Pravda was started in 1912, with the encouragement of Stalin & Lenin, its first edition running to 60,000 copies.

One freaking word “Pravda” and the idiots will go on a counter-propaganda rampage. Welcome to the world of spoon-fed and brainwashed Malaysians.

But, Malaysians accepted “The New Economic Policy” (NEP) – 3 Alphabets!

Read and have nightmare, numbskulls!

The New Economic Policy (NEP), introduced by Lenin at the Tenth Party Congress in March 1921, represented a major departure from the party’s previous approach to running the country.

The New Economic Policy (NEP) (Malay: Dasar Ekonomi Baru (DEB)) was a social re-engineering and affirmative action program formulated by the National Operations Council (NOC) in the aftermath of 13 May Incident in Malaysia.

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