Israel Lobby Funded A third Of Conservative MPs

Israel Lobby Funded A third Of Conservative MPs

From Declassified – John McEvoy

Tory politicians have accepted over £430,000 from Israel lobby groups and made 187 trips to the country.

Suella Braverman received largest contribution for her visit to Israel this year

Some 126 of the Tory party’s 344 MPs have accepted funding from pro-Israel lobby groups, Declassified has found. 

The revelation comes as Rishi Sunak calls a general election in which his unequivocal backing of Israel could cost the party votes. The value of the donations or hospitality amounts to over £430,000, with the organisations paying for sitting Conservative MPs to visit Israel on 187 occasions.

Some of those trips also involved visits to the Occupied Palestinian Territories, and a small number were co-sponsored by groups which do not form part of the Israel lobby.

The main funder is Conservative Friends of Israel, a parliamentary group which does not disclose its own sources of funding. Other notable donors include the American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC), Australia-Israel Cultural Exchange, and the European Leadership Network. Thirteen Tory politicians have accepted over £50,000 in total to travel to Israel since 7 October, including for “solidarity” missions.

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