The Last “ism” – Imperialism / colonialism – Be It The “Old” Or The “Neo”. It Can No Longer Be Sustained!

The Last “ism” – Imperialism / colonialism – Be It The “Old” Or The “Neo”. It Can No Longer Be Sustained!

By Matthias Chang – Future Fast-Forward 


This article is meant for those who DO NOT KNOW but thinks that they know.

And just because you know so much, please do not assume that others know as much. There must be a thorough spring cleaning before we can even attempt to plant the seeds of truth.

A simple test, which all of you will fail because you don’t know

Who is the US ambassador to the Court of King James?  Ambassador Jane Hartley, May 27, 2022

Nitwit, notice the words in RED

Matthias did not say the above. Taken from the official website of the US Embassy in UK   (

Why the name – “Court of St. James?

Why is England called the Court of St. James?

St James’s Palace is the most senior royal palace in London, the capital of the United Kingdom. The palace gives its name to the Court of St James’s, which is the monarch’s royal court, and is located in the City of Westminster in London.

The Court of St James’s serves as the official royal court for the Sovereign of the United Kingdom. The Court formally receives all ambassadors accredited to the United Kingdom. Likewise, ambassadors representing the United Kingdom are formally accredited from this court.  The Marshal of the Diplomatic Corps, known as Master of the Ceremonies before 1920, serves as the liaison between the British monarch and foreign diplomatic missions. The Marshal is stationed permanently at St James’s Palace.

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