Ancient Secret Wisdom Received From Distinguished Teachers & Others

Ancient Secret Wisdom Received From Distinguished Teachers & Others

By Matthias Chang –Future Fast-Forward


You and I (all of us) are flawed!  So, please don’t ever strut like the peacock or you will end up thoroughly cocked-up.

I wrote an article and shared with you yesterday,

“Matthias Chang – Crony of Tun Mahathir, A Fake, A Bastard, A Scumbag And A Fraud But … No One Dares Accept His Challenges!”

Good luck to you if you are not flawed and you are pure as the proverbial virgin.

Ancient Wisdom – Part 1

There are many ways and paths in understanding ancient wisdom. But, many who are “members” of the ancient wisdom, do not bother to practice what have been imparted but indulge in destructive activities. They are idiots.

It will suffice to state that I was a member (until my enemies conspired against me) and have no regrets:

  • Rose Croix

  • Great Priory of the United, Religious, Military and Masonic Orders of the Temple and of St. John of Jerusalem, Palestine, Rhodes and Malta of England and Wales and its provinces Overseas

  • Founder and Master of a “Blue” Lodge

  • Royal Arch Masons

  • Mark Master Masons

  • The Secret Monitor

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