Whisper’s 16th Meditative Insight To The World

Whisper’s 16th Meditative Insight  To The World

Shared by Matthias Chang

Restless night!

Call out to Whisper, but there was no answer. Bloody idiot, it was 1.10 am. What am I thinking?

The delusion of time flashed past me, but the appointed time has yet to come.

The images horrified me!

Fast forward

I did not realise that I had arrived in my office at 5.10 am, even as I had completed my practice at home at the appointed time.


“Matthias, why are you in such a hurry? There is nothing you can do or change BEFORE the ‘Appointed Time’. By any calculations in your realm, billions of light years have gone by before you were born. You were irrelevant and non-existent in the overall scheme of things.”

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