Whisper’s 14th Meditative Insight To The World

Whisper’s 14th Meditative Insight To The World

Shared by Matthias Chang

Early this morning, I was transported down the Memory Lane for a specific reason. Whisper’s guidance was short and direct.

“Matthias, you already know and have the beginning of the faith that HE is your One and Only Anchor. What Blessing and Gift that HE has given you.”

“But, you are living in a flawed and cruel world. You need every ounce of strength and determination to be steady and anchored to the covenant which you have made, and not be distracted by non-issues. Therefore, I want you to meditate and focus on two foundations of this strength in the coming days:

  • The “Anchor” of your flawed existence;

  • The “Lessons” which you have instinctively learn from the “Tea Lady”

“Then, apply constructively in every facet of your life. And when we meet again, recount your experience. Just give me the essence of that experience.”

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