Sergey Karaganov: By Using Its Nuclear Weapons, Russia Could Save Humanity From A Global Catastrophe

Sergey Karaganov: By Using Its Nuclear Weapons, Russia Could Save Humanity From A Global Catastrophe

President Putin appointed political scientist Sergei Karaganov to be his key advisor for strategic deterrence yesterday.

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[Matthias Chang’s Comments]    I am 1000% in agreement to the entire article cum analysis. I am not a Chinese from China. I do not think as a Chinese from China as I must be pragmatic and accept the reality posed by the war criminals US/UK and Europe.  Genocidal behaviour is the DNA of these powers.  We must not forget this DNA and lulled into believing otherwise.  We must not die by a thousand cuts!  We can only save humanity if we accept that Total and Uncompromising Defeat of the Imperial Powers is a necessity. There are no short cuts. If China wants to avoid another century of humiliation, then there is only one path to freedom and independence.  The Imperial Powers are PAPER TIGERS! They must be defeated.   

China must learn from Iran and the Houthis at the present moment. The Vietnamese showed the way decades ago and even though weak, they defeated the US.

China is much stronger and must fight and be ready to fight with the faith in the people of the world!

The article starts below:

Our country, and its leadership, seems to me to be facing a difficult choice. It is becoming increasingly clear that our clash with the West will not end even if we achieve a partial – let alone a crushing – victory in Ukraine.

Even if we completely liberate the Donetsk, Lugansk, Zaporozhye and Kherson regions, it will be a minimal victory. A slightly greater success would be to liberate the whole of eastern and southern Ukraine within a year or two. But it would still leave part of the country with an even more embittered ultra-nationalist population pumped full of weapons – a bleeding wound that threatens inevitable complications, such as another war.

The situation could be worse if we liberate the whole of Ukraine at the cost of monstrous sacrifices and are left with ruins and a population that mostly hates us. It would take more than a decade to “re-educate” them.

Any of these options, especially the last one, will distract Russia from the much-needed shift of its spiritual, economic, military and political center to the East of Eurasia. We will be stuck with a wasteful focus on the West. And the territories of today’s Ukraine, especially the central and western ones, will attract resources – both human and financial. These regions were heavily subsidised even in Soviet times. 

Meanwhile, hostility from the West will continue; it will support a slow-burning guerrilla civil war.

A more attractive option is the liberation and reunification of the east and south, and the imposition of capitulation on the remnants of Ukraine with complete demilitarization, creating a buffer, friendly state. But such an outcome would only be possible if we are able to break the West’s will to support the Kiev junta, and use it against us, forcing the US-led bloc into a strategic retreat.

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