About Time –What Time Is Not!

About Time –What Time Is Not!

By Matthias Chang – Future Fast-Forward

I have videos and printed copies of what Whisper told me about TIME years ago and I have archived them. Read that again! I sent them to you!

In short, I have shared with you that “our time” (the 24 hours day etc.) is not and cannot be HIS TIME ….. It is not our time at all.   HIS Time is not our time ….. There is no such thing as “TIME” in the “spiritual” or in “HIS” world.

As far as Whisper is concerned, “TIME” as we know it is absolutely nonsense!  

I knew this issue of TIME years ago from my meditative insights received from Whisper. And so many of you sniped at me!

It was so sickening to have to put up with the condescending attitudes.  But, I was reminded repeatedly by Whisper that my duty is to share, not to convince or persuade.

The truth has now been revealed to the whole wide world by the James Webb Telescope and explained by the renowned physicist Michio Kaku when he admitted in a video just recently, a few months ago that,

“Time Does NOT EXIST!   James Webb Telescope PROVED Us Wrong!”

“…. Prepare to have your reality shattered … why time might not be what we think it is.

“It is another way of saying that HIS time is not our time. There is no such thing as “Time” in the spiritual realm and or in the “cosmic” world!

This discovery has rattled the foundation of our understanding of the cosmos! The “Big Bang” hypothesis which has been the cornerstone of cosmology for decades is no longer valid, inter-alia the universe is “not expanding”.  

Need I say more?