The FUGU Plan – The Jews, Japanese And China

The FUGU Plan – The Jews, Japanese And China

By Matthias Chang – Future Fast-Forward


A devout Muslim and a friend of over 30 years (we first met over a case) touched my Heart and reminded me of an issue which I had no intention to dwell upon, as I had already prepared my research on another article which I intended to post on my website. I have decided otherwise and will elaborate on the FUGU Plan issue alerted by my devout Muslim friend.

May Allah always protect and guide him and his family in this Holy Month.

So, I retrieved from my historical archives and decided to refer only to foreign sources (not Malaysian or Chinese sources) in disclosing what is known as the FUGU Plan which 99% of Malaysians are unaware save for my a friend and a handful of other people interested in History.

Way back (in 1979), a book was written by Marvin Tokayer and Mary Swartz which gave a “glorified” account of this insidious plan. The publisher was Paddington Press, an American‐owned house based in Britain. Marvin Tokayer, is a rabbi who once served as a United States Air Force chaplain in Japan in 1962‐64 and later returned there as rabbi of the Jewish community from 1968 to 1976, and Mary Swartz, is a writer who lived and studied in Tokyo for four years.

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