Whisper’s Touch – The Ultimate Spiritual Language

Whisper’s Touch – The Ultimate Spiritual Language

Shared by Matthias Chang

“Matthias, in more ways than one, the ‘spoken word(s)’ has caused more pain and hurt, disillusions, separations, disunity and the loss of faith in humanity than any other act or omission.”

“There is no need for any arguments. Just examine your daily existence and how the ‘Spoken Word(s)’ have caused you so much pain and how you appealed to HIM to help you not to surrender to your ego, emotions, to banish the anger and moved on …. to seek the safety of the ‘Refuge / Abode of Silence’ and the ‘Comfort of Soundlessness’. It was always a struggle, not to react or respond to the painful spoken word(s). Being so flawed, you too have spoken painful word(s) and others have found it a struggle not to react.”

“Matthias, how did I ‘speak’ to you???  My Whispers were never ‘spoken’ (though referred to as ‘whispers’), yet my messages have stirred your inner being, your soul.”

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