Desperate Demographics Warfare!

Desperate Demographics Warfare!

By Matthias Chang – Future Fast –Forward


Demographic Warfare (“Border Warfare”) is essentially the means of controlling the narrative as to who can be “selected” to lead a country when the economy is in a mess and demand for cheap labour cannot be sourced from the local population.  It is legalised “human trafficking” and paedophilia on a global scale. 

Why do you think both sides of the political divide are in a frenzy over this issue, when the history of all economies have been grounded on “controlled immigration” as a source for cheap labour and guaranteed votes in any election?

But, no one dares talk or write about one of the most sinister consequences of war – the controlled” influx of refugees, the legitimisation of all wars unleashed by war criminals, and the false narrative of “upholding human rights” when providing shelters for the said refugees, when the hidden agenda is sheer exploitation (though perceived otherwise by the brainwashed populace).

This has happened in Iraq, Libya, Syria, Afghanistan, Yugoslavia and is happening in Ukraine and soon the countries in South-East Asia when War starts in Taiwan and for control of the South China Seas!

Imperialism and “Settler Colonialism” can only survive and thrive when “controlled immigration” is implemented as a policy for the management of the labour needed for the exploitation of the country’s agriculture and mining resources.

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