Death and Destruction in Gaza

Death and Destruction in Gaza

By John J. Mearsheimer – December, 2020

“I do not believe that anything I say about what is happening in Gaza will affect Israeli or American policy in that conflict. But I want to be on record so that when historians look back on this moral calamity, they will see that some Americans were on the right side of history.

[Matthias Chang’s comments: Are Malaysians on the right side of history, to stand up and be counted and not spew full of BS and be grand-standing hypocrites. I am ASHAMED!]

“What Israel is doing in Gaza to the Palestinian civilian population – with the support of the Biden administration – is a crime against humanity that serves no meaningful military purpose. As J-Street, an important  organization in the Israel lobby, puts it, “The scope of the unfolding humanitarian disaster and civilian casualties is nearly unfathomable.”[1]

Let me elaborate.

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