Hamas Winning Battle For Gaza

Hamas Winning Battle For Gaza

By Scott Ritter

[Matthias Chang’s comments: Total Victory …… All my prayers were answered. Thank you God Almighty!!!  Malaysians being cowards and false believers, kow-towed to the Paper Tigers – USA and Israel and hid in shame and fear. All talk and BS and useless press conferences.  I CALLED FOR A VOLUNTEER FORCE TO FIGHT WITH AND ALONGSIDE THE PALESTINIANS, BUT THERE WAS NO RESPONSE. I thank God that the Palestinians relied solely on their Faith in God and in themselves and planned accordingly ….. unlike the majority of Malaysians who had no faith, talk a lot of BS and pretend and pretend. Shame, shame and shame on such Malaysian cowards!] 

Scott Ritter wrote: 

The recently announced ceasefire is a blessing for Palestinians and Israelis alike—a chance for prisoners to be exchanged, humanitarian aid to be distributed to those in need, and for emotions on both sides of the conflict to cool down.

While the ceasefire, negotiated between Israel and Hamas by Qatar, was mutually agreed between the two parties, let no one be fooled into thinking this was anything less than a victory for Hamas.

Israel had taken a very aggressive position that, given its stated objective of destroying Hamas as an organization, it would not agree to a ceasefire under any conditions.

Hamas, on the other hand, had made one of its primary objectives in initiating the current round of fighting with Israel the release of Palestinian prisoners, and in particular women and children, held by Israel. Seen in this light, the ceasefire represents an important victory for Hamas, and a humiliating defeat for Israel.

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