Why Does the US Support Israel?

Why Does the US Support Israel?

By Prof. Michael Hudson

[Matthias Chang’s comments:  Malaysians better read, understand and learn from this incredible analysis from Prof. Michael Hudson, a good friend which I had invited to Malaysia to proffer advice to “Powers that be”. Did they listened???   Make sure you print out the entire article and read five times at the minimum, the paragraphs I have highlighted in bold, in RED and in BLACK. If you do not do this, you are an arsehole and a zombie and in the near future (NEAR FUTURE), I hope you will be slaughtered as cannon fodder, just as the Ukrainians were slaughtered as cannon fodders to the last Ukrainian. You are therefore forewarned. This PDF is the most important article on geopolitics you ever read in your entire life. Guaranteed!]

[That is why I  condemned all efforts by our leaders to call for a cease fire, but instead to demand that we must fight with and alongside the brave Palestinians.  You cannot stop the war when EVIL is hell bent to murder and slaughter en masse a targeted people (in this case Palestinians in Gaza, and soon Malaysians), to maintain US hegemony. Get that into your freaking thick head.] 

Extracts from article:

President Biden: 

If we look at the Middle East, I think it’s about time we stop, those of us who support, as most of us do, Israel in this body, for apologizing for our support for Israel. There is no apology to be made. None. It is the best $3 billion investment we make. Were there not an Israel, the United States of America would have to invent an Israel to protect her interest in the region; the United States would have to go out and invent an Israel.

Prof. Hudson: 

Israel is a landed aircraft carrier in the Near East. Israel is the takeoff point for America to control the Near East…

The United States has always viewed Israel as just our foreign military base… When England first passed the act saying that there should be an Israel, the Balfour Declaration, it was because Britain wanted to control the Near East and its oil supplies…

And then after that, of course, when Truman came in, the military immediately saw that America was replacing England as the chief of the Near East…

What we’re really seeing is, having fought Russia to the last Ukrainian, and threatening to fight Iran to the last Israeli, the United States is trying to send arms to Taiwan to say, wouldn’t you like to fight to the last Taiwanese against China?

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