Anti-China Brainwashing Is the Fast-Track to War

Anti-China Brainwashing Is the Fast-Track to War

By Mike Whitney – August, 2023

The United States has to have an enemy. For the last seven years, the enemy has been Russia. Now the focus has shifted to China. Take a look at these headlines on Google News and you’ll see what I mean:

Get the picture? China is a big-time threat to the United States. Forget that the US regularly sends its warships into the South China Sea and the Taiwan Strait. Forget that the US has encircled China with military bases and missile systems. Forget that the US has sent multiple delegations to Taipei in violation of the “one-China” policy. Forget that the US arms and trains military personnel in the Taiwanese Army. Forget that the US imposes unilateral tariffs on Chinese goods and sanctions Chinese businessmen. Forget that the US has implemented the most draconian blockade on advanced semiconductors in history. Forget that the US is building anti-China coalitions across the region. Forget all of these things because—according to the geniuses in the mainstream media—China is the problem, China is the threat, and China is the country that is pushing the world towards war.

Does anyone believe this nonsense? Here’s how columnist Bradley Blankenship summed it up in an article at RT:

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