Understanding Mind-control & Propaganda: Ontological and Existential Shock

Understanding Mind-control & Propaganda: Ontological and Existential Shock

[Matthias Chang’s Comments: I can guarantee, that no matter what is your experience and knowledge on Mind-control, Mass Psychology and Propaganda, (as part of Malaysia’s Intel Apparatus or the Security Services,  the attached two articles, one by Dr. Robert Malone (the inventor of the mRNA technology) and the other by Mattias Desmet (author of Mass Psychosis) will rock you to your very core.

I have spent over 40 years studying, compiling and collating my research (I have a library full of books and research papers, of which only a handful may have access to them) yet in just one concise article, Dr. Robert Malone tore the mask off and admitted that as a SCIENTIST, he was caught unprepared and had to face the raw reality of mind-control even as he was working for the US Defence Department.  To many, the language may be too sophisticated, but let me assure all of you, that we need to read it, at the minimum three times, and with a Note-pad on hand to scribble down queries, get more ideas and avenues, deepen our appreciation and understanding of the issues raised. 

Mattias Desmet in his short evaluation forced us to examine what WHO and UN were doing to brainwash the global population to surrender completely to take the jab without verifying the safety and efficacy of the same when in fact, it was a heinous bioweapon for mass depopulation on a global scale!    Please share widely with your colleagues. ]

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Understanding Mind-control & Propaganda: Ontological and Existential Shock

By Dr. Robert Malone – July 2023

Further Thoughts Regarding Psychological Betrayal and Manipulation

Words, Thought, and Psychology

Words matter. They are tools that can help us to think, to become aware, to process experiences and derive meaning. They can also be used as weapons, which is primarily what fifth generation warfare is all about; forging swords from language.

Knowing the power of words, propagandists often seek to subvert or redefine the meaning of words to advance hidden (or not so hidden) political and social agendas.

The use of the mental tools of words and language, to a significant extent, appear to be one key component of what separates modern Homo Sapiens from most other species. Many other mammals, reptiles, birds appear to process ideas more as images – a sort of internal emotional moving picture- which is quite different.

This use of words as indirect virtual derived representations of actual reality can be quite powerful, but it creates an extra layer, a boundary between our internal dialog and actual experience and tangible reality.

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