Crime Of The Century: Unprecedented Mass Murder. 60% Lethal While 30% Placebo!

Crime Of The Century: Unprecedented Mass Murder. 60% Vaccine Were Lethal While 30% Were Placebo!

Uploaded by Matthias Chang

I viraled the article a few days ago. Now I got the video to corroborate. The only person and first to do so in Malaysia!

Pray that you and or your family received the 30% of the placebo batches and not the remaining 60% which were deadly.

Be angry and demand answers. The former Health Minister and the former Director General of the Malaysian Ministry of Health and the vaccine manufacturers must declare and come clean. We paid in RM Billions for the so-called vaccines and people were misled. A monstrous crime has been committed.

No news of this crime has been publicised in Malaysia because no scientists have investigated in our country. We must do so now, immediately.

Watch the entire video and share widely and demand our Prime Minister immediately investigate this horrendous crime.

Watch the video by clicking the link below: