Most Propaganda Looks Nothing Like This

Most Propaganda Looks Nothing Like This

By Caitlin Johnstone

When most people in the English-speaking world hear the word “propaganda”, they tend to think of something that’s done by foreign nations who have governments that are so totalitarian they won’t even let people know what’s true or think for themselves.

Others understand that propaganda is something that happens in their own nation, but think it only happens to other people in other political parties. If they think of themselves as left-leaning they see those to their right as propagandized by right wing media, and if they think of themselves as right-leaning they see those to their left as propagandized by left wing media.

A few understand that propaganda is administered in their own nation by their own media, and understand that it’s administered across partisan lines, but they think of it in terms of really egregious lies like weapons of mass destruction in Iraq or babies being taken from incubators in Kuwait.

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After reading the above PDF, you MUST watch the video by clicking on the link etc.  Propaganda is a complex subject, but the video explains without jargon, how propaganda affects you and condition you to believe almost everything you read, watch or listen.

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