The Ukraine War Is Over. Russia Won

The Ukraine War Is Over. Russia Won

By Bob Moriarty – May 29, 2023 

Robert J. Moriarty (born September 9, 1946) is an American Marine F-4B  fighter pilot who holds the record as the youngest naval aviator (at age 20) in the Vietnam war, achieving the rank of captain in the Marines at age 22. Before leaving military service in 1970, he recorded 824 combat missions. He holds 14 international aviation records including the record for flight time between New York to Paris in two different categories.[5][7] In 1984, at age 37, he was in the headlines for flying, on March 31 at 11:20, between the pillars of the Eiffel tower aboard a Beechcraft Bonanza aircraft.


I got to Vietnam in late July of 1968. Lots of American troops still believed we were winning the war. A year later most of our forces realized the war was a waste of time and not worth dying for. By 1970 no one wanted to be the last person to die for an illegal and meaningless war.

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