Colonel Douglas Macgregor – The US Government Lied About The Ukraine War | Part 1 Of 2

Colonel Douglas Macgregor – The US Government Lied About The Ukraine War | Part 1 Of 2

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In this exclusive interview, Londonreal sat down with retired Colonel Douglas Macgregor (a military legend and military Adviser to former US President and Pentagon) to discuss the horrifying truth behind the US government’s involvement in the Ukraine War. A decorated military strategist and trusted expert, Colonel Macgregor shares his insights on the hidden agendas, political motives, and shocking revelations that have been kept from the public by the Biden regime. Join us as we dive deep into this explosive topic, uncovering the lies and deceit that have shaped the narrative of the Ukraine War.

I trust that you will find time to watch the video. I am sure 98% of Malaysians are unaware of the true picture of the war in Ukraine and how war crimes were committed by Ukraine, armed and financed by the USA, UK and NATO since 2014 when a dastardly coup was launched to install a Nazi regime in Ukraine, and was expressly admitted by Victoria Nuland (the number 3, ‘Under Secretary of State for Political Affairs’ in the US State department under President Biden). And when she was asked about EU’s likely response to the coup she organised and instigated (with a budget of $5 Billion), she literally replied – F.. &$..K  EU!  You can easily verify her crass words and arrogance, by clicking on Google – enter Victoria Nuland, Ukraine and F&^%K   EU!”

14,000 Russians were murdered and massacred following the said coup in 2014, by the Ukrainian military!

For those of you in the Intel Apparatus, this will be more than an eye opener! It will shock you to your very core.

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