Pippa Passes: The Case of the Missing Chessboard, the Sonoran Desert and the Entrepreneurs in the Galapagos.

Pippa Passes: The Case of the Missing Chessboard, the Sonoran Desert and the Entrepreneurs in the Galapagos.

By Dr. Pippa Malmgren

[Matthias Chang’s comments:  Many “learned analysts” etc. across the political divide / Intelligence Community (IC) when embarking on research (for purposes of national Security), would invariably and frequently “visit” Wikipedia, being too lazy to read actual papers and or articles submitted to prestigious journals – financial, scientific, engineering, medical etc. They would assert that those of us who delved deep and painstakingly verified the sources are “conspiracy theorists” and cannot be trusted. These brainwashed analysts (indulging in short-cuts) find it so hard that there could be an alternative or verified analysis. And what they have submitted to the highest political authorities (especially political leaders in governments) must be accepted as Gospel truth and any contrary advice, opinions etc. would inevitably draw a host of accusations and allegations that the truth-tellers are foreign agents, indulging in fake news, misinformation and or propaganda and even incarcerated for exposing the lies. The Russian Dossier, a hoax prepared by the US Democratic Part led by Hillary Clinton, their lawyers and UK MI6 comes to mind. So, read CAREFULLY and DILIGENTLY the article written by a close friend who was invited to Malaysia to participate and advise the Powers-That-Be in a Closed Door Dialogue. The Point which I am making is to CONSIDER a DIFFERENT PERSPECTIVE. You may agree or disagree. But, what is critical is to APPRECIATE and UNDERSTAND what “THE OTHER SIDE” is thinking, planning and doing!]

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I did a Twitter space this week with @ShaykhSulaiman, just to get a feel for the tenor of the public conversation on geopolitics. Tina Fordham is right. She wrote a great piece in the FT called Beware Wikipedia-Surfing Kissinger Wannabes.

She was horrified to find herself on a client call for BofA where experts were basically taking the Russian side of the story. The problem she said was, “thanks to the misbegotten notion that political analysis is little more than formulating an opinion after a bit of Wikipedia-surfing, amplified by the rich-dude phenomenon that being good at one thing (making money) makes your opinion valuable on everything.”

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