Glazyev: Center of World Economy Now Southeast Asia

Glazyev: Center of World Economy Now Southeast Asia

Uploaded by Matthias Chang via courtesy of Mike Billington, EIR

[FF Editorial: We have long postulated the geopolitical significance of South-East Asia and the historical geography that the Malay Archipelago comprised an area larger than what is now known as South East Asia.  As stated by our editor, Matthias Chang, the country to watch is Indonesia and not Vietnam or Malaysia. The latter will fracture beyond recognition on or before 2030.  We foresee that with the rapid development of Indonesia and the relocation of the Capital from Jakarta to Kalimantan (which the colonial British called Borneo), Sarawak and Sabah will of necessity find it too attractive, in every sense of the word, not to be part of this huge regional giant. There is nothing that Kuala Lumpur has to offer  (it does not have $Billions to invest and transform the present “East Malaysia” to compete with the pull of Indonesia, after all these years as part of the British engineered “Maaysia”. Singapore will likewise be transformed by the US / UK vested interests and can only played its role as the “Israel” of the region when it is enlarged to include the vast hinterland of Johore.  What is left, will be the rump Malaya, confined within the constricted boundaries of the Peninsula. US/UK neo-colonial agenda needs an enlarged Singapore to stay relevant in the entire EAST ASIA-PACIFIC WAR THEATRE. Period! The war for the control of East Asia and the Pacific has to be fought in this theatre!]

Need we say more when Russia has woken to this new reality?  But, Malaysians are still clueless and consider, (intellectually masturbating), that such an analysis is all nonsense!

Glazyev is now the Russian Minister for the Eurasian Economic Union (EEA) Commission. He served as a leading advisor to President Putin from 2012-19. He was a close personal friend of the late Lyndon LaRouche, whom he described in his eulogy to LaRouche as “a titan of thought, a man of incredibly encyclopedic knowledge, great soul, and love for humanity.

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