MIT Scientist Issues Vaccine Warning For Children…

MIT Scientist Issues Vaccine Warning For Children…

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Crippling neuro effect on children — Dr. Stephanie Seneff

I have collected and archived enough evidence to prosecute Khairy, the Director-General and his Medical Mafia of the Malaysian Ministry of Health (MOH) and demand from the any Court, for the imposition of the death penalty and or the life imprisonment sentence for  CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY under various International laws and the Nuremberg code.

No parents would be spared as well, as enough warnings have been issued and published in the public domain by me and renowned doctors and scientists from all over the world including Nobel Laureates. No one can plead ignorance. It does not matter to me whether the indicted criminals are relatives, once trusted friends and even so-called Believers who have betrayed the trust reposed in them by the millions of Innocents in Malaysia and other parts of the world.

The time will surely come of which I know not, as the time for HIM to unleash the deserved punishments is only known to HIM.

Let Evil and its hirelings and scumbags celebrate (prematurely) that they have “won” and have assumed unbridled power to murder and slaughter with impunity. I worry not, for I have faith that TRUTH AND JUSTICE WILL PREVAIL!  

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