US / UK Bio-weapon Unleashed! Are You Prepared To Confront This Diabolical Crime?

US / UK Bio-weapon Unleashed! Are You Prepared To Confront This Diabolical Crime?

By Matthias Chang – Future Fast-Forward


This article is written for the Malaysian hardworking men and women struggling to survive during the present global crisis. The truths revealed in this unprecedented exposé are in themselves difficult to accept as they are incomprehensible to the ordinary people because of the intense propaganda and brainwashing inflicted over decades by the global Deep State / War Party, and the utter failure of the Legal and Medical professions to discharge their duties in upholding Truth and Justice and not to do harm to their patients respectively.

But the ugly truth must be revealed.

For those who need the detailed analysis of how the global common has been brainwashed, you may be able to get the book, “Brainwashed for War, Programmed to Kill” published by the American Free Press (but maybe out of print). Please refer to Appendix 1 annexed to this article). I donated all USA royalties to the publisher so as to enable my late good friend / colleague Michael Collins Piper and the owner of the publishing company, Willis Carto to share the secrets revealed therein throughout the USA. They succeeded beyond all expectations.

To avoid any misunderstandings, the reference to my book is merely to indicate the extent of research and the exhaustive efforts needed to collate research materials dating back to before WWI. Therefore, it is not surprising that many Malaysians are not aware of the Evil that has been unleashed to devastate our country and sovereignty.

I have delayed writing this article till now, because Malaysians are not prepared to accept that there is more to the Covid19 Plandemic than meets the eye! It is my fervent hope that those within the Intelligence Apparatus and the Guardians of National Security will leave no stones unturned to identify the bad actors complicit in implementing this evil scheme and take all appropriate actions to safeguard the country’s interest. Hence, the style, format and materials disclosed in this article have been structured for that purpose.

I had spent a week thinking how best I should jolt everyone out of their slumber. I tested on a few individuals on what I am about to disclose without any detailed explanations but unfortunately their grey cells could not take the leap to arrive at the logical conclusion. I therefore decided to revise my approach and adopt the step by step format, as I had to accept the reality that even the most learned need to be spoon fed to overcome the voodoo science drilled into their mental DNA.

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