MIT Scientist On Criticizing COVID Vaccines: You Have To Be Careful Because You Could Be Eliminated

MIT Scientist On Criticizing COVID Vaccines: “You Have To Be Careful Because You Could Be Eliminated”.

Uploaded by Matthias Chang

This is a must watch video from a Blue Chip Scientists from MIT, who took the Moderna Jab.  Surprise, surprise!

He is definitely not a anti-vaxxers but only an idiot and a fool does not understand what he is trying to say about the science concerning vaccines. 

This is the difference between voodoo scientist like our Malaysian Director-General at our Ministry of Health and his Medical Mafia as well as the infantile politician and criminal Khairy in promoting a false narrative.

If you are clever enough, you will appreciate the nuances and the biting criticisms of the scientific community which this Jewish scientist has exposed and laid bare. There are many ways to skin a cat!

Query: What did the scientist said about the efficacy of the vaccines, after all these months of silence, that he is now openly ATONING for the gullibility for getting the jab himself and his children, without committing  academic and political suicide? Hence, overcoming any possibility of being “eliminated” as warned by his friend at MIT

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