Khairy And Doctors Can Be Sued! How? Malaysian Bar Do Your Duty -Section 42(1)(a) LPA

Khairy And Doctors Can Be Sued! How? Malaysian Bar Do Your Duty -Section 42(1)(a) LPA

By Matthias Chang – Future Fast-Forward

Malaysia in the present Covid19 crisis is at a pivotal point. The Minister of Health and the Directory General of MOH are of the view that they can break the law, forced vaccination mandates on anyone and flout basic Human Rights enshrined in our Federal Constitution as well as The United Nations and the European Human Rights Conventions. 

They are of the blinkered view that they are exempted from any legal actions and or other lawful avenues available to the people. But they can be sued. That we can assure all and sundry.

It is important that all lawyers in Malaysia (the Malaysia Bar) are reminded that their sacrosanct duty under the Malaysian Legal Profession Act, Section 42(1) (a) enjoins  each and every lawyer to:

“To uphold the cause of justice without regard to its own interests or that of its members, uninfluenced by fear or favour.”

Many lawyers are coming forward to take action and to render their assistance to those who refuse to be vaccinated because of the lies, misrepresentations and suppression of critical information by the Medical Mafia and to be compelled to sign the unlawful and fraudulent Consent Form. There has been no Informed Consent! Employers have been incited to terminate the services of their employees should their employees refused to be vaccinated. This is coercion and constructive dismissal of the employees. 

Fascist terror is being unleashed on the defenseless working class people of Malaysia.

It is time the entire Malaysia Bar rise to the occasion and perform its sacrosanct duty to  uphold Justice without fear or favour!  

Watch and spread the video below far and wide until total victory.