Depopulation And Attack On Africa Has Begun – Phase 1 Covid19, Phase 2 The Malaria Pandemic – Mass Slaughter!

Depopulation And Attack On Africa Has Begun – Phase 1 Covid19, Phase 2 The Malaria Pandemic – Mass slaughter!

Uploaded and Commentary by Matthias Chang – Future Fast-Forward

Thank God, Malaysia has a well established healthcare system, with the NPRA as an experienced Watchdog. Africa is a different ball game. The countries in Africa are more easily bullied, whereas Malaysia has good allies in the ASEAN Regional Alliance.  In the later part of the week, I will publish my research on the coming Malaria pandemic to be unleashed and to run parallel with the Covid19 virus devastation.

And as stated in my article yesterday, even Ugur Sahin, the developer of the Pfizer vaccine has been quoted as stating that Covid19 will haunt the global population for at least ten years

Unfortunately, for the population of the developed world, the Covid19 pandemic backfired on them when the original target was Asia, specifically China, to prevent the spectacular rise of the regional economies as well as a cover and excuse to blame the collapse of the developed economies on China and all things Asian.

All the Headlines of the MSM blares out that the millions unemployed, the closure of businesses and the shrinking economies are the consequences of the Covid19 pandemic and NOT THE FINANCIAL RAPE BY THE  FILTHY WALL STREET BANKSTERS AND THE 0.1 % OF THE GLOBAL ELITES. The collapse was global and the global elites MUST prevent mass revolt and dissent and blood flowing on the streets. The global “lockdown” and the fear hyped by the MSM was the answer!

For the depopulation crowd, the main target has always been Africa, a continent which has abundant resources and ripe for blatant plunder.

Zambian leader Dr. Mumba refuses the importation COVID19 drugs etc, especially Remdesivir after discovering the bottles / vials were marked:

Not for Use in EU or USA”.

If the Black people of Africa and USA can be the targets, is it too far-fetched to think that they will not target Muslims in the Middle East which has been slaughtered for decades to secure the oil resources? Would our Muslim brothers and sisters be vigilant? I am not optimistic at all as history has shown repeatedly that Muslims are sheeple and tolerated the mass slaughter of their brothers and sisters! 

When watching this video, Malaysians must be especially discerning that Dr. Mumba’s statement is directed at Zambians in particular and Africans in general and not at Malaysians because we have the NPRA to evaluate all drugs etc. coming into Malaysia. Nevertheless, we must be vigilant!

Watch the video in its entirety by clicking on the Rumble Link below as it is not available on Youtube.