Trump Campaign – US Elections Counter-offensive Countdown Begins 1st January 2021

Trump Campaign – US Elections Counter-Offensive Countdown Begins 1st January 2021

Uploaded by Matthias Chang

This is a Must Watch Video on the latest development against the criminal Deep State in USA. There are parallel tracks to victory against the coup plotters.

The same applies to the political situation in Malaysia. The Prime Minister must avoid the stupid and infantile “Numbers Game” orchestrated by Anwar, Najib Razak, Zahid Hamidi and Tun M. The Number Game Blackmail has failed and will fail, even with the latest announcement by Anwar about Tun M.  If this is not clear enough a message for everyone, then the Prime Minister has been let down by his people whoever they may be.  Think about all the options on the table and what the PM have overlooked. If by 15.1.2021 nothing is done, then its God’s will!

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