Texas Attorney General Explains State’s Supreme Court Election Integrity Lawsuit – Must Watch Video

Texas Attorney General Explains State’s Supreme Court Election Integrity Lawsuit- Must Watch Video!

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[FF Editorial: From day one, we have been asserting that the coup in USA is a “Constitutional Coup” ie to subvert the Constitution and  put in place a Cabal of traitors with absolute power. This plan was ongoing for the last two decades and was accelerated by the false Muslim Obama regime. When HillaryClinton was defeated in 2016, the coup was scuttled and hell broke loese in USA. Every effort was made to destroy and oust President Trump. The fraud and corruption of the US Presidential Election was the final option and they were confident of getting away with it, on the miscalculation and assumption that Trump being a “mere busissman” would not have the guts and stamina to fight back. The Obama / Joe Biden Cabal miscalculated. They will fail!

The same scenario is unfolding in Malaysia, as the Anwar / Najib / Zahid Hamidi cabal have commenced their coup in February, 2020 to subvert the Constitution and undermine the dignity and authority of the Agong (King) and the Rulers to satisfy their lust ansd greed for power. Tun Mahthir while not part of this Cabal has by his actions enabled the cabal to mislead the people. Thus far their efforts have failed and will failed. Malaysians must learn from the experience of the patriotic Americans in resisting the Obama / Joe Biden Cabal’s coup.]

Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton sued battleground states Pennsylvania, Georgia, Michigan and Wisconsin on Tuesday to challenge their 2020 presidential election results. Share widely!

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