What You Need To Know About Positive Covid Test! Ask This Important Question!

What You Need To Know About Positive Covid Test! Ask This Important Question!

Uploaded by Matthias Chang

This video has been uploaded to provide information and the relevant links for you to do further research and be educated.

On watching this video, YOU ARE REQUIRED TO ASK MEDICAL EXPERTS and your family doctors in your neigbourhood clinics first, before sharing the video. This is a responsibility to yourself and to your family as well as friends etc. There is just too much propaganda and  fake news that have scared so many people into doing silly things.

The lockdowns are based on surging “cases” which are based on positive PCR test results. However, what exactly is a positive PCR test result? What does it mean? The video will answer that and give you the answer to the most important question you should ask if you or a loved one gets a positive PCR test result.

“What’s the Cycle Threshold (CT) value for that test?” Sounds wonky but it’s actually really important to understand. A low CT value means someone is loaded with virus. A high value, oppositely, means less of a viral load. Beyond a certain level the load is insufficient to either infect someone else or be of any clinical or epidemiological relevance whatsoever.

The problem? Governments all over the world are basing their decisions on CT values that are very high. Too high. Links: WHO PCR 47 (!) Cycles https://www.who.int/diagnostics_labor… CT over 35 is non-infectious https://www.infectiousdiseaseadvisor….

If value is below 35, it is accepted that you are tested postively.  The debate is whether 35 is too high, meaning it should be lower – why only above 35 value you are not postive and therefore  not infectious. Should it be eg a 25 value and therefore a more accurate test results  The debate goes on! Is there an unanimous decision of the 35 value as the determinant? No one can really say what is the cut off point.

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