Sidney Powell: “The Entire FBI & Dept. of Justice Need To Be Hosed Out With Clorox And Firehoses!”

Sidney Powell: “The Entire FBI & Dept. of Justice Need To Be Hosed Out With Clorox And Firehoses!”

Uploaded by Matthias Chang

I will be blunt and direct. We may be Malaysians, but let me just say this. When (not if) the shit hit the ceiling fan in USA, Malaysia will be affected one way or another. No two ways about it.

Watch this video and realise how serious and extensive the fraud and corruption have engulfed the entire voting system in USA.  The plotters both domestic and foreign will be subjected to the Laws of War, more particularly the laws enacted since 2001 and passed by the US Congress.  There is also the Insurrection Act that will wipe out the perpetrators and you can bet on your bottom dollar, no American will tolerate this fraud and corruption and soon, very soon even the Democratic party supporters will turn against the party leaders for being complicit in this fraud. If anything binds all Amercians, it is their SACRED VOTING RIGHT and the expectation that NO ARSEHOLES would dare tamper with that right. I dare say, the perpetrators will be tried in Military Tribunals and many would be executed without YOUR KNOWLEDGE, because you are a foregner, a Malaysian. And the present attitude of Malaysians stink even when there is an on-going coup, and has been openly declared as such in Febraury, 2020.

I have warned about the coup since 2018. No one gave a damn! But two days ago, a DAP political charlatan, Chin Tong confessed  and admitted there is an on-going coup, but instead of admitting that he is one of the coup plotters, he tried to divert the attention by accusing a former colleague in Pakatan Harapan and now a senior minister of HIS MAJESTY’S governmen, as a coup plotter. This is typical of DAP leaders and his cabal of plotters who are now in total disarray and tryng to scuttle the Federal Budget which seeks to save lives and restart the economy after the devastation by the Covid19 pandemic.

Yesterday, I took the trouble to share with you that the dastardly fraud in the USA was master-minded by the British war criminal, Lord Mark Malloch-Brown, who is the Chairman of the parent company of the voting software company,  Smartmatic and who is aligned with the international crook and criminal George Soros. Told you guys to Fact Check but only a handful have bothered. The rest chose to remain as idiotic zombies.

I have warned Malaysians repeatedly of the coup and fraud in Malaysia. But, you guys have not taken heed. Then just as Sidney Powell said, and to borow her words, may you arseholes be hosed out with clorox and firehoses.

Now, watch the video below and share widely, if and when you have woken up!


Watch the video below: