The Criminal And Absolute Truth About Obama and Joe Biden – War Criminals

The Criminal And Absolute Truth About Obama and Joe Biden – War Criminals

Uploaded by Matthias Chang

Remember that Biden was the Vice-President when Obama was the President. Both are CIA constructs and were brought into power by the CIA for the war agenda! Obama is and has always been a false Muslim and I have been screaming my head off to Malaysians, especially Muslims in Malaysia.  But, Muslims in Malaysia refused to accept this reality because they naively thought that false Muslim Obama is their man in the White House.

If you are a genuine seeker of truth and a believer, this is a chance to redeem yourself and go back to the right path and not spill filth and spread lies, thereby maligning and distorting Islam. If after this detail exposure, Malaysian are still spreading lies, then I will expose all these war criminals in Malaysia who pride themselves as “champions of Islam” and spreading terror and inciting mayhem. They should demand that Tun Mahathir desist and stop inflamming Muslims to kill, by the millions, non-Muslims. In reality, if Tun Mahathir persist in this barbaric campaign, he is as much a war criminal as Obama and Biden. And may they rot in hell!  

The first PDF gives an overview about the war crimes of Obama and his administration. Focus on paragraphs highlighted in RED,

The second PDF contains more gruesome facts and encourages you Fact Check.  Again focus on paragraphs highlighted in RED. 

The third PDF is the Release by Julian Assange of Wikileaks of a Top Secret Intel document from USA. Read the “Description” of the entire document by Julian Assange on PAGE 1 before you proceed further. Print a hard copy  and keep it for future references.

Below are three PDF documents.

First PDF     Download PDF


Second PDF Download PDF


Third PDF Download PDF

Read them carefully and learn and stop being a Zombie and a numbskull! From this day forward you guys have no excuse that you do not know about the war criminals highlighted in the documents and in my comments herein