1) Do We Risk A Military Coup? 2) Trump Moves Forcefully Against The Military-Industrial Complex

1) Do We Risk A Military Coup? 2) Trump Moves Forcefully Against The Military-Industrial Complex

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[FF Editorial Comments: Coups comes in various forms, but the most sinister and dangerous are “Constitutional Coups.” Most people associate coups with some sort of violence etc. so, they would not be able to detect constitutional coups – the subversion of our Constitution, President / King and country. It is not obvious at all to the rakyat (people), even lawyers.

Let me explain with your patient indulgence. Before the election in Malaysia, in 2018, the signs were clear – tyranny would run amok and I was proven right when I was arrested, charged and incarcerated as a “terrorist” under the draconian Security Offences (Special Measures) Act 2012 (SOSMA). The law was already in place in 2012. So, when I advised my client to lodge police reports in several foreign jurisdictions to freeze bank accounts relating to 1MDB, I knew sooner or later, I would be incarcerated. But, my client was arrested first etc. However, my entire family, the staff of my firm was forewarned. My Junior Partner was apprised of all my preparations, even to the extent of wearing slippers and old casual clothes when visiting my client in jail as I would be arrested when visiting my client. It so happened. I also started preparing for my second hunger strike.

Why?  I made a public announcement and a challenge to Najib, that he should follow suit or be damned. I declared that, if I survived my hunger strike for SEVEN DAYS, then it is a clear sign from Allah that I am fighting for Justice, Truth and against tyranny and would be protected. And if I die before seven days, it would be Allah’s judgment that I am a liar, a criminal and a false fighter for Justice and Truth. After the seventh day of my hunger strike, prison officials (they knew the terms of my challenge to Najib) rushed me to the hospital and emphatically told me, “You survived and proved your case before Allah. Stop your hunger strike, no need to continue!”

My hunger strike was to show to one and all, that when you have faith in the Almighty and you are just, you will never be forsaken. Tyranny would not prevail. My meditative insights assured me that if I had betrayed my faith, became a coward and lack courage, Najib’s tyranny would run amok and Najib would dare “reign” with absolute power. A constitutional coup would have succeeded and no one would even know.

My family paid a heavy price suffering in silence because I forbade all press statements or conferences about my struggle, even though I was betrayed by 5 traitors. No theatrics! We just have to wait for the judgment from God Almighty.]     End of commentary   


September, 2020 – Note the Date

By way of background, let me just say that I’m Col. Richard H. Black (ret.). I was a career Judge Advocate officer and former chief of the Army Criminal Law Division, Office of the Judge Advocate General, at the Pentagon. I played a key role in deploying the 7th Infantry Division to quell the 1992 Los Angeles riots.

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